Outbound tour operators in China

The Chinese travel market has a very special structure. It is not separated in some full service tour operators like in Europe. China has over 14.000 different tour operators which are more or less travel agencies as well. Of course there are big companies like CTS (China Travel Service), CITS (China International Travel Service) and CYTS (China Youth Travel Service) which are the main players in Chinas travel industry. The most important differentiation is the fact, if the tour operator has a licence to handle outbound tourists.

The following list is the first summary of authorised outbound tour operators in big cities in China from the CNTA in 2000:

Province/municipality Agency
National China Comfort Travel Head Office
CITS Head Office
CTS Head Office
CYTS Head Office
China Merchants InternationalTravel
China Women Travel Service
Beijing Beijing Tourism Group*
Beijing North Star InternationalTC
China Peace ITC
Guangdong Guangdong OTC
Guangdong CTS
Shantou TC
Shenzhen TC
Guangzhou TC
Zhuhai Travel DevelopmentCorporation
Shanghai Shanghai CITS
Shanghai CTS
Shanghai CYTS
Shanghai Jinjiang Tours Ltd
Huating OTC

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