Development of chinese domestic tourism

Today I added a graph showing the development of chinese dometic tourism from 1985 to 2001. These statistics of chinese domestic tourism are based on the official China Statistical Yearbook 2003. Not only the development of domestic tourists is interessting, who are mainly workers travelling home for holydays, but also the groth of group travells within china.

Group travellers within china are in fact a high potential market for travel agencys and travel operators. The groth in this sector underlines the importance of domestic leisure tourism in China.

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  1. LatsC says:

    I have been reading about increase in China Domestic tourism and the opportunity growth for foreign travel companies.

    But the difficulties in obtaining information on these topics in English (a relatively common language accepted worldwide) is leaving many interested parties cold feet and the potential foreign investors are moving to countries like India.

    CNTA and other organisations need to understand the importance of communication and information distribution.

  2. Kay says:

    Their are some authors who write in English. Actually the majority of foreign lecture about this topic is written in English.
    Well the Chinese Statistical Yearbook gives some hints for the developement of this sector.
    I wrote my thesis in german, but to get real market informations, I needed to make expert interviews. Thats the best way to get to the informations you need, in my opinion.

  3. barry lando says:

    hi, i am an author and journalist living in paris..writing a book re the great surge in global tourism..and china, of course, is a star…i would like to talk with you about this subject…(you can check me out on google)
    when would be a good time? thanks barry lando.

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