China Tourism facts 2007 with a new records

The CNTA has published the new tourism facts of 2007. Compared to 2006 their have been only new records:

China Tourism facts 2007
Total tourists 1,783 million
Increase tourists 15%
Total revenue < 232 billion US $
Increase revenue 22.6 %
Inbound Tourism
Inbound Tourists 132 million
Increase Inbound Tourists 5.5%
Inbound Tourists overnight 54.72 million
Increase Inbound Tourists overnight 9.6%
Domestic Tourism
Domestic Tourists 1.61 billion
Increase Domestic Tourists 15.5%
Domestic Tourism Revenue 111.25 billion US $
Increase Domestic Tourism Revenue 24.7%
Outbound Tourism
Chinese Outbound Tourists 40.954 million
Increase Chinesse Outbound Tourists 18.6%

It is not surprising that there is an increase in all touristic sectors. I am and will be always impressed by the sheer number of Domestic Tourist. Can you imagine 1.61 billion persons traveling? And a lot of them at once…

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