Tour operators in China

In China the tour operators have different authorisations to handle tourists. Therefore they are separated in three classes of tour operators:

  1. IATA tour operators who can perform outbound-, inbound- and domestic tourism in China. In 2003 their have been round about 500 tour operators of this class.
  2. International tour operators who can treat inbound and domestic tourists. In 2002 their have been round about1200 tour operators of this class
  3. National tour operators who can work only on the domestic tourism market. In 2002 their have been 10.203 from this kind of tour operators.

The first official list of Chinese outbound IATA tour operators have been published in the year 2000 from the CNTA.

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  1. Hany Afifi says:

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  2. Hany Afifi says:

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  3. Roy Graff says:

    You can look at the following blog for more information on China’s tourism, both outbound, inbound and domestic.
    China Travel Industry Blog contains over 18 months’ worth of news and analysis on China’s travel sector. It is affiliated to the only forum in Europe to discuss China’s tourism industry (China – the Future of Travel at World Travel Market)

  4. Kay says:

    Thank you Roy for the comment, you have good and interessting informations on your blog.



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  9. faisal saeed says:


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  10. I would be interested in more information about this also. Thanks!

  11. Paul Martin says:

    Many Chinese travel agency do not have a full agreement to send Chinese tourists abroad, but do it anyway. It is very difficult to select the good ones because you can never know…
    The so called “official lists” of Chinese outbound travel agencies are not very reliable and must be checked very closely. China Elite Focus has spend a lot of time to identify the really good Chinese travel agencies able to offer a very good service for their Chinese customers. There are maybe 20 good agencies for all China, not more…

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