CNTA announced first tour group to USA in June 2008

After the new ADS (Approved Destination Status) agreement between China and the United States of America finally follows the first group of tourists.

Zhang Xiqin, vice director of the CNTA, expects the first groups of Chinese tourists to arrive in the USA in June 2008. Due to Zhang there are still some details to be negotiated between China and theĀ U.S..

Who thought that their will be an ADS-Agreement between this two states at all and now it is nearly settled. Allowing tourism groups to travel to the United States seems to be another strong signal for the further growth of the Chinese outbound tourism market.

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  1. Angela Tarulli says:

    Our K-8 elementary school is holding an international Travel Fair in Mid-June for our multi-cultural students. If possible, please send me Wall Posters of China and any other materials to display. Thank you.

    Angela Tarulli
    2255 Benson Avenue – 1D
    Brooklyn, NY 11214

  2. Paul Martin says:

    This first tour in the US was very interesting, and many US tourism professionals were surprised by the amount of spending by Chinese tourists. The Chinese tourists stormed into a Louis Vuitton Shop and have bought, for some of them, more than ten bags !
    The US have to face now a big issue, because the US tourism structures are not ready to welcome Chinese tourists, because of the lack of knowledge of the intercultural issues. What do the Chinese tourists really want ? What do they like to eat ? What do they like to do ? ATME (Associaton of Travel Marketing Executives) organized in February 2009 a very interesting think tank about the Chinese outbound tourism in cooperation with China Elite Focus and our Managing Partner, Mr Pierre Gervois, one of the best experts about Chinese outbound tourists, made a conference about these intercultural issues for the US tourism operators. The biggest issue is to understand that the Chinese tourists do not think like westerners at all.

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