Chinas visa restriction policy

Beijing 2008 Olympics – some thoughts

Chinese Outbound Tourism Spendings

China Tourism facts 2007 with a new records

Chinas visa restriction policy

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I know I have not written for a long time. But due to my private life I was not able to constantly write in this blog. I will try to post every now and than an hopfully intersting post.

Chinas visa policy is, due to the World Economic Forum, very strict (China mainland ranks 128th).
Never the less the outbound tourism sector increases every year. Last year 45 million Chinese tourists traveled to foreign countries which is an increase of incredible 12 per cent.

If the visa policy’s for inbound and outbound Tourism in China lightens, it is very likely that the number of outbound tourist would even increase far more.
The impact on inbound tourist would not be that strong, because the traveling decision of foreign travelers does not depend that strong on the visa policies.

The question is, why should the Chinese Government lighten the visa policy, if only the foreign countries gain profits from the Chinese tourists?

Kay Schaefer @ June 4, 2009

Beijing 2008 Olympics – some thoughts

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There have been various discussions about the success of the Olympics in Beijing, before, meanwhile and after the event. I had no chance to travel to the Olympics but this way I could see the various documentations from different points of view.

It was really impressive how many “Chinese” visitors have been watching the sport events live. And some of them even bought their clothes in the same store.
Now serious this should tell us one thing, from the inbound touristic perspective the Olympics as an event, have not been so successful.
The long- and midterm influences are still difficult to guess, because of the ambiguous way the media talked about China as tourism destination.

I have read a very interesting Post with an interesting list of olympic changes….
Thinking of my time in Beijing I had to smile a couple of times:

Article from ChinaContact by Roy Graff.

What’s changed in the city because of the Olympics?
• There are many more shopping outlets and various restaurants. They are also more expensive.
• The transportation system has improved but still requires a lot more development.
• The modernity of the city threatens to turn it into another Shanghai or HKG and lose its authentic feel. This is especially noticeable around Houhai and the newly re-opened Qianmen.
• Fewer people re spitting or throwing littler in the streets.
• Taxi drivers have all been made to wear identical uniforms and neckties.
• The architecture is diverse and interesting. There is more use of colour everywhere.
• The city has been greened – trees and flowers everywhere. Not all of it will last past the Olympics since Beijing is a dry place and water is at a premium. Much of the greenery is potted flowers and plants hung up at weird unnatural angles and clearly will not survive for very long.
• There is a brand new park in the north, but it will not be accessible to ordinary folks until 2009.
• Chinese people are displaying great enthusiasm for the Games and sports in general.
• The air quality has improved eventually, and noticeably. It is pleasant to sit at an outdoor café which is a very new experience for me in Beijing. But how long will this last, once the Paralympics are over and industry tries to catch up with a backlog of orders to put the economy back on the same fast pace as 2007?

webmaster @ September 9, 2008

Chinese Outbound Tourism Spendings

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Today a short news I have read on china view about the spendings of Chinese outbound Tourists. Besides the regional differences due to Nielson, I think it is not surprising, that the Chinese Tourist spends 2,597 to 3,506 U.S. dollars. I am asking myself if this amount has really increased?

Actually with the weak dollar these days statistics based on the US Dollar should be evaluated carefully.

Kay Schaefer @ May 8, 2008

China Tourism facts 2007 with a new records

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The CNTA has published the new tourism facts of 2007. Compared to 2006 their have been only new records:

China Tourism facts 2007
Total tourists 1,783 million
Increase tourists 15%
Total revenue < 232 billion US $
Increase revenue 22.6 %
Inbound Tourism
Inbound Tourists 132 million
Increase Inbound Tourists 5.5%
Inbound Tourists overnight 54.72 million
Increase Inbound Tourists overnight 9.6%
Domestic Tourism
Domestic Tourists 1.61 billion
Increase Domestic Tourists 15.5%
Domestic Tourism Revenue 111.25 billion US $
Increase Domestic Tourism Revenue 24.7%
Outbound Tourism
Chinese Outbound Tourists 40.954 million
Increase Chinesse Outbound Tourists 18.6%

It is not surprising that there is an increase in all touristic sectors. I am and will be always impressed by the sheer number of Domestic Tourist. Can you imagine 1.61 billion persons traveling? And a lot of them at once…

webmaster @ April 17, 2008

CAAC accepts foreign flight applications for the Olypics

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The CAAC has officialy begun to accept flight applications from foreign airlines for flights during the Olympics and Paralympics 2008 in Beijing. This includes special flights like VIP flights as well as charter or business flights related with one of the olypic related cities.

China tries to show his best face to world. I think the impressions of millions of tourists and people in front of the television during the olypics will have a lasting influence on the outer view of China as tourism destination. A good example for an event with a lasting efect has been the World Football Championship in Germany. We will see which kind of influence the olympics will have on China…

Kay Schaefer @ March 19, 2008

CNTA announced first tour group to USA in June 2008

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After the new ADS (Approved Destination Status) agreement between China and the United States of America finally follows the first group of tourists.

Zhang Xiqin, vice director of the CNTA, expects the first groups of Chinese tourists to arrive in the USA in June 2008. Due to Zhang there are still some details to be negotiated between China and the U.S..

Who thought that their will be an ADS-Agreement between this two states at all and now it is nearly settled. Allowing tourism groups to travel to the United States seems to be another strong signal for the further growth of the Chinese outbound tourism market.

Kay Schaefer @ March 10, 2008

Mainland Chinese Outbound Tourists to Japan on third place

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The Japanese government plans to achieve 10 million tourist in 2010 and strengthen their tourism industry as a strategic industry. Focusing on this goal with the main target market in Asia, their have been cooperation’s with China, like the development of the air transport.

In 2007 Japan’s international tourists increased by 14% to a total of 8.35 million visitors. Due to the Japan National Tourist Organization, the majority have been from South Korea with 2.6 million, an 22% increase, on second place are the tourist from Taiwan with 1.39 million, followed by Chinese Mainland visitors with 943,000 tourists an increase of 16%.

This also shows a strong growth of the Chinese outbound tourism market in Asian tourism destinations. We can expect even further growth with the continuing development of the Chinese tourism markets.

Kay Schaefer @ February 14, 2008

34 million Chinese outbound tourists in 2006

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In the year 2006, according to official statistics, approximately 34 million Chinese tourists went abroad. This made China the largest outbound travel market in whole Asia. This year’s tourists are still increasing. In the first half of 2007 the outbound travel market has increased by 14.04%.

webmaster @ August 21, 2007

Six more Countries gain ADS

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The China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) approved six more countries as destinations for Chinese tourists from October 15th 2007.

According to the CNTA the six new ADS-Countries are: Oman, Morocco, Monaco, Syria, Namibia and Bulgaria.

China had 132 Approved Destination Status countries and regions at the end of 2006. The 132 ADS-Countries include approx. 86 countries which are open for Chinese tourist groups.

webmaster @ August 21, 2007

The ‘Golden Week Concept’ in question

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The three ‘golden week’ holidays were originally introduced to increase tourism and free time. Starting in October 1999 it had a tremendous influence on the tourism industry. But holidays for a whole country on the same time brings big problems.

This topic has been a discussion among domestic tourism experts a long time. Zhang Hui, dean of the tourism administration department at Beijing International Studies University, introduced during a forum in Xiamen a possible solution to shorten the ‘golden weeks’ and increase the paid leave of Chinese employers.

This may be a good way to avoid the chaos caused by millions of domestic travellers during the ‘golden week’ holiday.

Kay Schaefer @ July 6, 2007